Our Philosophy & Commitment


​ Improving customer loyalty is very important in today’s climate.  BCRPD offers a variety of classes and events that require a varied level of fees and costs.  This allows us to make our programs accessible to more community members to participate in our programs.  In general, fees are lower than you may see in other areas, although competitive prices are still considered in some situations.  Classes are set up as fee based or District sponsored.    Some recover their costs while others don’t.  Fall and winter months see a larger number of visitors at the Recreation Center.  On average, there is about 2500 that visit each month to participate in one of our programs and events.  In the summer months, there is an increase in park usage and park rentals.   






Our History

Boulder Creek is an unincorporated area in Santa Cruz County, located at the north end of the San Lorenzo Valley.   The district serves the residents of ZIP code 95006 (Boulder Creek) and 95007 of (Brookdale).  


The Boulder Creek Recreation and Park District is a political subdivision of the State of California and operates generally under the provisions of the Public Resources Code, Division 5, Chapters 4 and 5, 5780 through 5791.  The District is considered a Special District and works within the community to help bring about community through people, parks, and programs.


The District was registered with the State of California 1959.  The Boulder Creek Recreation and Park District office is located at 13333 Middleton Ave.  in Boulder Creek.   


Our Inclusion Policy

The Rights of All Persons to Recreation Services
• Individuals have the right to choose recreation and leisure activities that are personally satisfying and of interest to them.
• Individuals have the right to choose activities that occur in settings that are non-discriminatory in practice, policy and attitude.
• Individuals have the right to participate in a diverse choice of recreation and leisure activities with their peers that allows for, promotes and encourages full inclusion of all participants.
• Individuals have the right to be treated with respect and supported in age-appropriate programs and services in a manner consistent with how people without disabilities are treated. Individuals with disabilities have the right to request and receive support and accommodations in programs and services to the degree that it does not fundamentally alter the intent and nature of the program design as defined by Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
• Program providers have the right to request that all participants, regardless of their abilities or disabilities, meet the minimal eligibility requirements of their program service and that the safety and wellbeing of all participants are insured in the delivery of recreation services and programs.

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