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Boulder Creek Recreation and Park District & SLV History












The Boulder Creek Recreation and Park District was established in 1959 in Boulder Creek Ca.

Boulder Creek is located on the North end of the San Lorenzo Valley within the Santa Cruz Mountains.


Historically Boulder Creek served as the upper terminus of the San Lorenzo Valley Logging

Flume terminating in Felton, which began construction in 1874 and when formally opened

in October 1875. It was augmented by a new rail line to transport logs to the wharf in Santa Cruz.


In 1870, the South Pacific Coast Railroad began carrying freight and passengers across the

Santa Cruz Mountains to the beaches of Santa Cruz. This was a monumental undertaking that

started as a dream and became a reality that changed the lives of everyone who lived in the

Bay Area. A trip to Santa Cruz from San Francisco had traditionally taken several days by

way of stagecoach, now day excursions were offered.


The region has served as a tourist haven for many years and is home to Big Basin State Park. Big Basin is California's oldest State Park, established in 1902, earning its designation as a California Historical Landmark. Its original 3,800 acres have been increased over the years to over 18,000 acres of Redwood forests.


Boulder Creek is a lovely community full of talented artists, musicians, and great history. A walk though Boulder Creek is a must if you are visiting for the first time, or have lived in the area for years, it is a special experience with great locally owned shops and fun old timey architecture.


The Boulder Creek Recreation Hall is located in town behind the Fire Station at 13333 Middleton Ave. there are two small playgrounds, a gymnasium, and multipurpose annex room. The BCRPD office is also located at this location. The Rec. Hall serves as a community space for families to gather as well as a great place for fun programs and events.


The BCRPD also maintains three community parks within the district:

Barbara Day Park (The Dam)

Junction Park

Garrahan Park


BCRPD strives to be at the heart of the community we hope you will visit us soon and or check out some other great groups within the SLV.

Mountain Arts Center

San Lorenzo Valley Museum

Boulder Creek Business Association

Big Basin State Park

YMCA Camp Campbell

Boulder Creek Country Club

Odd Fellows Hall

Kenpo Academy

Barbara Day Park

Barbara Day Park is located at the bridge in Boulder Creek on Irwin Way and E. Lomond Street. This is a pocket park located at the old Dam site. The Boulder Creek Dam was lasted dammed in 1997 during May- September, but is no longer in operation due to Fish and Wildlife river conservation efforts and environmental water Ca state restrictions. For more information you can look at

River Access

Rocky Beach


Junction Park

Junction Park is located in downtown Boulder Creek at the corner of Middleton Ave. and Junction Ave. The park is a great river park located at the junction of Boulder Creek and San Lorenzo River. The river runs all year, but can be very shallow July- November before the winter / spring rains.

River access

BBQ pits

Picnic area

Outdoor small pavilion

Seasonal porta potty

Private party and event rentals available

Lisabeth Ann Garrahan Memorial Park

Garrahan Park is located off of Hwy 9 at 15555 Hwy 9 North of Boulder Creek.

The park was originally purchased from Allen and Lisabeth Garrahan in September 1982. Since this time the BCRPD was able to remodel the park in 2010-11 with state grant monies. The remodel was completed with the help of volunteers in the community and was made possible with the assistance of many local construction companies and families.

Playing Field



Porta Potty

Walking Track

Outdoor Fitness Project




Boulder Creek Rec. Hall

Boulder Creek Recreation and Park District is located behind the Fire Station in downtown Boulder Creek the physical address is 13333 Middleton Ave.

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