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Orientation and Checklist for Off Season Passes

Bear Creek Facility, 15685 Forest Hill Drive, Boulder Creek, CA  95006

(831) 703-4135 or Boulder Creek Recreation Center (831) 338-4144


Front Gate and Pool Gate Code: 5628


This is an informational checklist for members coming and going with the Off Season Monthly Pass bringing awareness of what needs to be done entering and exiting the facility. The membership is a self service style when it comes to the dog park area, weight room, tennis and basketball courts. Each pass holder will receive a code to enter the facility through the front gate and then the pool gate.


  • If the front gate is closed, open the gate, securing the sides all the way open.


  • Go in through the pool gate to access weight room and exercise machines.


  • Important: Lock the gate behind you while you use the facility.


  • Please pick up after yourself when done with your workout.


  • When exiting rooms, turn off all lights and close (do not lock) doors.


  • When exiting the pool, lock the pool gate behind you.


  • Concerning the front gate...if you are the last person to leave the facility, you must shut and lock the front gate. Otherwise, if other cars/people are in the parking lot there is no need to lock the front gate.