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Reindeer Run December 24th 

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We would like to announce that Boulder Creek Recreation & Park District (BCRPD) will be hosting the
7th Annual Reindeer Run in Boulder Creek on Friday, December 24th starting at 9 am. Funding raised
prior and during the event will be invested in BCRPD projects.
The Reindeer Run was created in 2017 to bring our beautiful community together during the holiday
season to promote togetherness, silliness, and an active lifestyle. For the seventh year in a row, we
invite individuals, families, and their pets to run or walk the 5k around town while dressed in holiday
attire. Participants will be decked out Boulder Creek-style, parading in attire ranging from holiday
pajamas and funky holiday outfits to full-on costumes.

Copy of Reindeer Run 2023 poster.png
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